Online Co-Parenting CARE Program

12 Hour Co-Parenting CARE

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Ideal for divorcing, separated or never married couples who have been recommended to attend a co-parenting class. The focus is on the children, as parents learn skills to avoid common mistakes and successfully work together with their co-parent.

Online Parenting Without Conflict

by New Ways for Families®

12 Hour Parenting w/o Conflict

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Skills-based co-parenting course designed by Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq., for potentially high-conflict families during separation or divorce. These skills help parents protect their children from conflict as their family reorganizes in new ways.

Comprehensive Course Outline

Online Parenting Skills - Basics Class

12 Hour Ages 0-5

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12 Hour Ages 5-13

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12 Hour Ages 13-18

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24 Hour Ages 0-18

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Provides parents a foundational understanding of basic parenting skills in order to raise children from infancy to adulthood.

Comprehensive Course Outline


Socorro County

Magistrate Court
(575) 838-0428

Socorro County and Catron County

Phone: 575-835-0050

District Courts
(575) 838-5217

Sierra County

Truth or Consequences
Phone: 575-894-7167

District Court
(575) 894-7168

Torrance County

Neil Mertz Judicial Complex in Estancia
Phone: 505-384-2974

District Court
(505) 384-2229

The Seventh Judicial District Court has email or fax numbers for Self Represented Litigants to use to file documents.

About the court

Sierra County

Sierra County contains of 4,236 square miles, was founded in 1884 and as of the 2010 census had a population of 11,988. The county seat, and the Sierra County District Courthouse, is in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. On March 31, 1950, Hot Springs, New Mexico, changed its name to Truth or Consequences as part of a nationally televised game show by that name. The Sierra County District Court building presently used by the Court was constructed in 1939, as a WPA project. In 2009, Sierra County renovated the Court building into its present, more modern configuration.

Chief Judge Matthew G. Reynolds, the Division II Judge for the 7th Judicial District, has his principal office at the Sierra County Courthouse. The Court has a staff of six Court employees. Sierra County District Court operates an Adult Drug Court program that began in January of 2006 as a volunteer program. In July 2006 the 7th Judicial District Court received funding to support the program.

Catron County

Catron County is the largest county by area in New Mexico and contains 6.929 square miles. Catron County was founded in 1921. As of the 2010 census, Catron County had a population of 3,725. The county seat, and the Catron County Courthouse, is in Reserve, New Mexico. The Catron County Courthouse was constructed in 1969 and houses the District Court as well as all the other county administrative offices.

Catron County does not have a resident District Judge. Each of the three Judges in the 7 th Judicial District travel to Catron County to hear cases.

Socorro County

Socorro County contains of 6,649 square miles and is the second largest county by area in New Mexico. Socorro County was founded in 1850 and as of 2010 census had a population of 17,866. The county seat, and the Socorro District Courthouse, is located in Socorro, New Mexico. The Socorro County District Court building was constructed in 1940. In 2001 Socorro County renovated and updated the Courthouse into its present configuration.

The principal office of Division I District Judge Mercedes C. Murphy, and the offices of Court Executive Officer Jason E. Jones and Child Support Hearing Officer Michelle Ritt Martinez are housed at the Socorro County Courthouse, along with a staff of sixteen Court employees. Socorro County District Court operates an Adult Drug Court Program that began in July 2007.

Torrance County

Torrance County contains 3,346 square miles, was founded in 1903 and as of the 2010 census had a population of 16,383. The county seat, and the Torrance County Courthouse, is located in Estancia, New Mexico.

The Neil Mertz Judicial Complex was named for the Honorable Neil Mertz, deceased, and was constructed in 2003. The Neil Mertz Judicial Complex houses all of the Torrance County District Court operations, along with the offices of the Torrance County District Attorney.

The principal office for Division III District Judge Kevin R. Sweazea is at the Neil Mertz Judicial Complex along with a staff of seven Court employees. Torrance County District Court operates an Adult Drug Court Program that began in July 2007.

District judges

The Honorable Mercedes C. Murphy

Division I Judge

 In 1909, legislation created the Seventh Judicial District with one Judgeship, later labeled Division I. From 1909 until 1973, seven different individuals served as Division I judge. The Honorable Mercedes C. Murphy was appointed to the bench in September 2014. She is the first female Judge in the Seventh Judicial District.

Judge Murphy’s primary office is in Socorro County.

Experience & Education: Judge Murphy was appointed District Court Judge in September 2014. Before serving the Seventh Judicial District as the judge in Division I, Judge Murphy worked in the District Attorney’s Office from August, 2002 to September, 2014, and was assigned primarily to the Sierra County office. She graduated from Socorro High School. She received a degree in political science and criminology from the University of New Mexico. She then attended law school at Oklahoma City University, where she received a Juris Doctor in 2002.

The Honorable Matthew Reynolds - Chief Judge

Division II Judge

 In July 1977 the Legislature added a second Judgeship to the Seventh Judicial District, creating Division II. From 1977 until 2005, three individuals served as Division II judge. The Honorable Matthew G. Reynolds was appointed to the bench in August 2005 and is the Division II judge.

Judge Reynolds’ primary office is in Sierra County.

Experience & Education: Judge Reynolds was appointed in 2005 and elected in 2006. He serves as the Water Law Judge, Drug Court Judge, and presides over civil and criminal cases. He was in private practice for 13 years in New Mexico and served as an assistant district attorney and worked as an associate in Alaska for six years. He received his undergraduate and master’s degrees from the University of Notre Dame, and his law degree from the University of Wyoming School of Law in 1986.

The Honorable Shannon Murdock

Division III Judge

 In 1996, the Legislature established a third Judgeship in the Seventh Judicial District as Division III. From 1996 until late 2000, the Honorable Neil Mertz served as Division III judge. The Honorable Kevin Sweazea was appointed to the bench in March 2001. In June 2017 Governor Martinez appointed Judge Murdock.

Judge Murdock’s primary office is in Torrance County.

Experience & Education: Judge Murdock was appointed in 2017. Prior to being appointed Judge Murdock has worked for the Bernalillo County District Attorney's Office, the New Mexico State Livestock Board, The New Mexico Attorney General's Office, as well as the 7th Judicial District Attorney's Office as a Deputy District Attorney. Judge Murdock received undergraduate degrees in economics and political science from UNM. She graduated from the University of New Mexico School of Law in 2003.

Hearing Officer Gordon E. Bennett

Domestic Relations / Child Support Hearing Officer - Seventh Judicial District Court

Experience & Education:
 Mr. Bennett was born and raised in New Mexico and has been an attorney in New Mexico since 2004. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in physics in 1993 and a Juris Doctorate in 2003, both from the University of New Mexico. While in private practice Mr. Bennett’s primary areas of practice were in the areas of family law and criminal law. Mr. Bennett has previously held positions as mediator and staff attorney for the 7th District Court as well DV Special Commissioner for Torrance and Socorro Counties. Most recently Mr. Bennett was a Senior Trial Attorney for the 7th District Attorney’s Office in Torrance County.

Hearing Officer Bennetts' primary office is in Socorro County.